The devices you use are an important extension of your business and your life. Personal and financial records are stored on your laptop, PC, tablet/iPad, and therefore, it is a target for scammers and swindlers.
In the early years of PCs, malicious software (“malware”) was created to cause inefficiency and in some cases, was more of a show of bragging rights for coders to demonstrate that they could beat an established system of software.
In recent years, malware has been increasingly created to steal personal information, to blackmail the victims for payment on potentially damaged hard disks and to breach privacy. Also, these malwares now attack all types of devices, not just your PC or laptop, but your tablet and phone as well. With such personal and financial risks at stake, it is even more important to ensure your devices are protected from such scams and threats.

At Support You, we take privacy and security very seriously. We have over 16 years of experience protecting our clients and we understand how dangerous it is to have your personal data violated and we believe that every user should have the tools and procedures in place to screen and avoid these types of dangers.
We aim to educate our clients on safe internet habits as well as implementing the best anti-virus software. We believe that educating clients on user-knowledge is imperative to responsible computer support. Contact us now to help with your digital security.


Viruses are the most common type of “malware” or “malicious software” that are specifically designed to harm the efficiency of your laptop or PC. Similar to a biological virus, a computer virus can spread itself from device to device, and can mask itself as a legitimate software.

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Spyware is a form of “malware” or “malicious software” that is used to track what you do on your laptop, tablet, phone or PC.

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