Viruses are the most common type of “malware” or “malicious software” that are specifically designed to harm the efficiency of your laptop or PC. Similar to a biological virus, a computer virus can spread itself from device to device, and can mask itself as a legitimate software.
In some cases, viruses can destroy all your data, permanently damage your hard disk, pilfer personal information or impersonate established companies to gain payment and information.
Viruses can access your laptop or computer by spreading through various methods. They can be hidden in attachments to text messages or emails, fake app downloads for mobile phones, scam emails or links offering too-good-to-be-true prizes, internet file downloads and more.

These increasingly underhanded methods to access your data are common but easy to screen with the right tools and habits.
Support You has over 16 years of experience in protecting our clients from computer viruses. We understand that your laptop and PC is the hub of your life and contains most, if not all, your personal and business information. It is vital to protect it.
We protect our clients from viruses using the latest anti-virus software and updates. And we also encourage and educate our clients on best practice habits to avoid falling for scams.
We will implement a comprehensive anti-virus software, train you to keep it updated and educate you on your own habits with computer and internet use to ensure you are guarded from damaging viruses.
With Support You, your devices will be safely secured and actively protected.