Founded in 2001, Support You has provided over 16 years of exceptional service to customers in the Sydney area. Support You services the greater Sydney area and is proud to have an established and growing network of clients and suppliers.

Owned and operated by Matthew McGregor, and based on the Northern Beaches, Support You offers a personalised approach to technical needs.

Matthew has always had a passion for computers and IT knowledge from a young age. He has honed his interest in computers into a deep knowledge of the industry by gaining practical experience across numerous roles in established IT consultancy firms since 1995.

Coupled with this experience is his excellent communication and warm personality. Matthew provides a professional and friendly service with quality solutions that suit a client’s budget and requirements. He explains solutions easily, to help clients understand the options and make decisions with clarity.

By continually keeping updated on new technology, upgrades, hardware and software news, Matthew is able to canvass all best practice solutions for each client. Support You is not affiliated to any hardware or software brand, and therefore, provides independent and objective solutions best suited to the client’s needs.

He believes that customers should be educated and empowered with choices to be better able to select a robust solution that suits their long-term needs.

Working on a relationship of integrity, Matthew offers frank and customised support to each client, catering the solutions that suits every budget. By assessing business needs objectively with input from clients, Matthew provides hardware and software solutions which are scalable and adaptable.

Matthew believes in establishing trusted relationships with clients, with many customers recommending Support You to their friends or family.

This trust-based business is the reason Support You has succeeded and grown on word-of-mouth and trusted recommendations.

“I offer honest feedback and quality solutions for every price range. With personalised options and expert advice, I provide service and support, with integrity. ”