A company generates many types of records, but many owners do not realise how much information and data they actually need to store securely.

Business records are not just be emails or customer information, but can also include orders, payments, statements, receipts, staffing, HR, finances, administrative information, rental agreements, warranties, pricing agreements, supplier contracts, designs, intellectual property, artwork, logos, videos and more.

Depending on the nature of your business, the amount of information you need to back-up securely could be minimal or quite large, but irrespective of the size, it is imperative you do have a back-up process in place.

Without adequate back-ups, your business is open to the risk of failure. Electrical storms, damaged computers, lost or stolen laptops could mean your business information is lost forever. Without alternative back-ups, your business will struggle to maintain a basic level of service. Paying staff, or bills, implementing regular business cycle actions, proceeding with client meetings and working on designs or plans will all be adversely affected.

A simple accident or loss of your laptop could spell disaster.

At Support You, we educate our clients on the importance of securely stored and frequently saved data. We will help you select the type of back-up that is best for your business needs. We will train and educate your staff on how to ensure back-ups are run frequently and securely. With Support You, and the back-up systems we encourage you to practice, you will ensure the future safety of your business.