Technology is changing at an ever-increasing rate. There are so many different devices being realeased every year, it can be hard to keep up with all the technical specifications, options and comparisons out in the market.
Australia is now a global marketplace, where new brands are continually entering the market, often aggressively competing against established brands with better technology. These new entrances bring with them new offers or deals, different warranty types and local repair/ support options are varied and sometimes very confusing for the regular consumer.

At Support You, we arm ourselves with knowledge and we cater our suggestions to your needs and your budget. As we are not affiliated with any brands, we are proudly independent in our assessments and our knowledge of the market. We review and thoroughly research all our hardware options, including other independent reviews, user forums, warranty contracts and local post-sales support for Australia.
The decision whether to repair or upgrade a laptop, PC, tablet or phone can be quite daunting. It is imperative to look at all the options available. It is with our industry knowledge and supplier connections that we are able to offer our clients trusted brands.
At Support You, we can assess your existing device to suggest whether it is best for you to repair or upgrade. We are frank about our assessments and we will inform you of all the options and reasons for our suggestions. We will work with you on your budget expectations and guide you on the best investment for your existing and future needs.